Overview of the Presentation

In this powerful presentation you will hear moving, real-life stories that reveal the author’s personal challenges, wins and profound learnings that will shock and inspire your audience. Based on the memoir, Undercover Angel, this program will inspire and motivate you—and show you what is possible in your life.

The story concludes with Lisa’s arrival at a sense of self-worth and inner peace, which ultimately allowed her to walk away from police-work altogether and begin the next phase of her life.

This universally uplifting talk has inspired thousands of people across the U.S.

Major Topics

“Thank you so much for sharing your very moving and motivational story with us this morning at WENS.  Your life experiences prove that people can rise above their circumstances to achieve what they put their hearts and minds into.  I applaud your tenacity and strength to succeed with dignity in a male dominated environment.  You are a wonderful role model for women everywhere.” Heather MacIntosh, Executive Director – Spa Sensations

“I was very fascinated by the undercover work that you did, and I had a hard time putting the book down once I started reading it.  I really, really enjoyed the book, especially the details about the many cases you were involved with.  I find detective stories fascinating and the undercover set-ups are always fun to watch, especially the reactions of the criminals.  I would be interested in reading Volume 2 if you do another story about your personal experiences undercover, or with SWAT.”
Kirk Ayers, Enterprise Rental Cars

“Lisa Lockwood is an inspirational speaker. The members of my women’s network were simply awestruck at Lisa’s inner strength and phenomenal courage. Lisa will capture the heart of any audience and motivate them to conquer any conceivable obstacle. With such a big heart and a sweet smile, Lisa will offer any audience a memorable experience.”
Sherry Thacker, President and Founder of The Women’s Entrepreneurial Networking System



This dynamic presentation leaves audience inspired and motivated to live the fulfilling lives they desire!

Available as a keynote or half-day seminar.